A History of Excellence

S&S Flavors was founded in 1928 in Southern California by Sigmund Scisorek, an Austrian immigrant who achieved his expertise in flavor chemistry as a young man in France and Switzerland. His son, D. Martin “Marty” Scisorek, learned the trade and developed his innate skills training under his father’s tutelage. For over 50 years, he was highly regarded as one of the foremost experts in the field. Marty successfully guided the company until his retirement in 1996.

Led by Mark Tuerffs, a young veteran of the industry and Marty’s hand-picked choice to succeed him, the company came under new ownership in 1990.

Ever passionate about the welfare, stability and growth of the company, the formula for excellence continued uninterrupted and remains so today as the next generation carries on the rich tradition of developing products with exceptional quality while providing unsurpassed service to a variety of industries.

As a dedicated custom manufacturer, S&S Flavors specializes in creating proprietary and exclusive products that have been developed with only the finest raw materials, chosen carefully to effectively achieve the highest performance in the finished product. Our technical staff is dedicated to formulating original flavors that capture the customer’s vision by combining their talents and experience with our extensive library of imaginative and unique flavors developed over four generations.

Our company has been built on quality and customer satisfaction first and foremost. We honor our commitment to providing satisfying solutions to each individual need. We welcome involvement in new and creative projects from our customers, both large and small, and guarantee the degree of honesty, professionalism and expert service that our reputation and success has been built upon.






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